2018 Global SOF Symposium - Europe
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Attendee Justification

The Global SOF Foundation Symposium - Europe provides attendees with a venue to network, build international partnerships, and engage with global thought leaders on issues impacting the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community.

To us, that sounds like sufficient reason to attend this conference. However, to help justify attending, we’ve put together the below “kit” of information to help prospective attendees justify their attendance to their leadership and make the leap from consideration to registration.

Global SOF Symposium Justification Kit

Letter from Romania’s Chief and Minister of Defence (CHOD and MOD) This signed letter from Romania’s top military leaders is representative of the host nation’s support of this event.
Why Bucharest & Prospectus The Prospectus for this event provides a multitude of Sponsorship opportunities, but page 2 covers reasons to why Romania is the ideal location to grow SOF business.
Sample Justification Letter We aim to make things easier for you. This letter includes solid reasoning and guidelines for personalization.
Event FAQ This page should answer any questions you might have about this event--and if it doesn’t, let us know! Contact info@globalsofsymposium.org to let us know what’s missing.
GSF Fact Sheet If your organization isn’t up on what the GSF is, isn’t, and does, this document might help clarify the mission of our organization.
Capabilities Catalog The Capabilities Catalog contains a prioritized list of Romania’s SOF specific needs. See if your organization’s offerings are ranked Critical, Essential, or Enhancing.
Cost Calculator Need help calculating the cost of attendance? We have put together a spreadsheet you can use to figure out an estimate of your travel costs.

Cost Comparison

Money is always a concern, and the GSF strives to ensure high quality events at affordable costs. We have carefully compared our event costs to other SOF-focused events, and the data shows that GSF events are both comparable to other events in the same genre but also include lunches, energy breaks, and networking receptions.

Registration Cost Comparison Chart

Booth Space Cost Comparison Chart

Symposium in Walking Distance to the Ministry of National Defence Building

Romania Map