The Joint SOF HQs: A Critical Node in the Global SOF Network

Wednesday 3:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. - Inverness Ballroom A

Moderator: Colonel Robert Wilson (USA), Commander, 3rd Special Forces Group
Mr. Oleksandr "Sasha" Danylyuk (UKR), Chairman, Centre for Defense Reforms, Ukraine
Brigadier General Jaime Iñiguez (ESP), Commander, Joint Special Operations Command, Spain
Colonel Magne Rodahl (NOR), Chief of Staff, Special Operations Command, Norway

The existence of a joint SOF headquarters is a critical enabler and "node" for interoperability among partner and allied SOF around the world. In this panel session SOF commanders from several nations discuss the importance of a joint SOF headquarters to their nations and the capability it provides in supporting their national security objectives.

Colonel Robert Wilson (USA)
Commander, 3rd Special Forces Group
Colonel Robert Wilson (USA) Photo

Colonel Wilson received his commission as Second Lieutenant in the Infantry in 1991 from the University of Connecticut. His first tour of duty was with 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Following assignments as a Rifle Platoon Leader, Anti-Armor Platoon Leader, and Scout Platoon Leader, he volunteered for Special Forces selection.

After completing the Special Forces Qualification Course Colonel Wilson served as a Detachment Commander in the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He deployed his detachment to Central America to conduct humanitarian demining operations, and to South America to conduct Foreign Internal Defense missions to combat the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In 2002, Colonel Wilson deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM where he served as the Plans Officer and Operations Center Chief for the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan.

In later 7th Group assignments, Colonel Wilson returned to Afghanistan to serve as a Special Operations Task Force Director. During this deployment, his Task Force helped to establish the First Afghan Commando Kandak, which became the nucleus for all Afghan special operations units. Colonel Wilson served as the Group Executive Officer in his final assignment with 7th Special Forces Group

In 2008, Colonel Wilson was assigned to the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, where he served in the J-37 Deputy Directorate for Special Operations. During his time in the J-37, he helped to establish and staff the Joint Staff’s Pakistan Afghanistan Coordination Cell (PACC), and helped to build the network of military commanders, government policy-makers, think tank fellows, scholars, and regional experts who ultimately shaped the United States’ Afghanistan policy in 2009.

In 2010, Colonel Wilson took command of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne). As the commander of Special Operations Task Force-East (SOFT-E), he operationalized the Village Stability Operations concept. After his battalion command, Colonel Wilson was selected to serve as the Military Assistant to the Secretary of the Army at the Pentagon.

Mr. Oleksandr "Sasha" Danylyuk (UKR)
Chairman, Centre for Defense Reforms, Ukraine
Mr. Oleksandr "Sasha" Danylyuk  (UKR) Photo

Oleksandr Danylyuk
Hreschatyk str. 7/11, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001, +380675058582,


Kyiv National Economic University
Bachelor of Laws
Master of Laws(legal regulation of economy)

Member of the National Bar Association(since 2003)

Specialist of FDI attraction(USAID certificate)

Work experience:

Centre for Defence Reforms 2015

Development of a number of reforms in the area of national security and defense, including:

- The concept of asymmetric response to Russian aggression;
- Reforming the structure of the Armed Forces;
- Creation of SOCCOM;
- Establishing a Joint Intelligence Committee;
- Creation of a Committee for economical warfare;
- The concept of information warfare;

Ministry of defense 2014-2015
Chief Advisor to the Minister of Defense(de facto - Chief of Staff)

General coordination
Personal participation in military and special operations in Donbas, in particular, in the recapturing Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and protection of Mariupol.

Department for State Security(DSS) 2014
Advisor to the Chief of the DSS

Operational planning of counter-insurgency operations;

Civil movement “Spilna Sprava”(Common Cause) 2010-2014 Coordinator

Creation of the underground Resistance movement(about 25,000 people), which became the initiator and main driving force of the Revolution of dignity (2013-2014 g.) and did not give Russia to implement its initial plan for the secession of Ukraine in three parts;

All-Ukrainian Center for Business Assistance 2006-2010 Executive Head

Advocacy, lobbying and campaigning

Conflict management and resolution: business-to-government, business-to-business conflicts, legal, political, informational and physical protection business from unlawful interference from law enforcement and fiscal authorities, as well as the hostile takeover and corporate raids;

The National Bar Association 2003-2006

Conflict management and resolution in various types of political, corporate, religious conflicts

Center for Conflictology and Law 2001-2003

Conflict resolution

Brigadier General Jaime Iñiguez (ESP)
Commander, Joint Special Operations Command, Spain
Brigadier General Jaime Iñiguez (ESP) Photo

Brigadier General Jaime Iñiguez currently serves as Commander, ESP Mando Conjunto de Operaciones Especiales (Joint Special Operations Command). Madrid, Spain. He has served over twelve years in Spain's Special Operations Forces. His military career includes the following assignments: NATO SOF HQ (Chief of J5); 2nd Parachute Batallion (Parachute Brigade) and Rapid Action Force HQ; ESP LNO to Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth (Kansas, USA); ESP Joint Operations Command, Chief of J5; DCOS OPS at HQ NRDC GR HQ (Thessaloniki, GREECE) to name a few. He has deployed with UN and NATO-led missions including: Military Observer for the UN mission in Central America (ONUCA); S3 of the ESP Brigade in the NATO-led mission in B-H (IFOR); G3 Plans, HQ of the Multinational Brigade West in the NATO-led mission in Kosovo (KFOR); and Director of the Special Operations Forces Fusion Cell (SOFFC) in the NATO-led mission in AFGHANISTAN (ISAF).

Colonel Magne Rodahl (NOR)
Chief of Staff, Special Operations Command, Norway
Colonel Magne Rodahl (NOR) Photo

COL Magne Roedahl presently works as Chief Coordinator for Military Assistance & Capacity building (Defence Forces Security Sector Reform Contributions) at NORSOCOM in Oslo, Norway, co-located with the National Defence Staff and MoD. His prior assignment was Deputy & CoS NORSOCOM (BGEN temp). After returning from NSHQ in Mons Belgium August 2011, he has served at Strategic level in Oslo supporting the formation of the Norwegian Special Operations Command (NORSOCOM).

After 4 ½ years as DCOS Operations at the NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ) at SHAPE NATO in Mons Belgium, he returned to Norway to continue developing Norwegian SOF. He has been employed with the NSCC since its inception in early 2007 as “Deputy Director for Implementation” in Stuttgart, and DCOS OPS after their move to SHAPE, and transition to NSHQ. His main function as DCOS OPS NSHQ was advising the NSHQ COM and SHAPE staff on special operations, where support to SOF in the ongoing ISAF operation was the number one priority. This interaction brought him to several tours to Afghanistan over the last few years.

COL Roedahl is originally an infantry officer with experience from the NOR-RUS border and deployment to UNIFIL, and joined the national Special Forces in 1988, where he has stayed to date with short tours to the Military Academy and General Command & Staff College as an instructor. He has participated in special operations deployments and SOF staff service to operations in Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Gaza/Egypt and Afghanistan.

COL Roedahl participated in the following Coalition and Multinational Operations: UNIFIL, Duty Officer Operations, Lebanon, Sep 1982 – May 83; NATO KVM Extraction Force, CJSOTF Operations Officer, Macedonia, Nov 1998 – May 1999; KFOR NATO, CJSOTF Operations Officer and SF Liaison to KFOR HQ, Kosovo, May - July 1999; SFOR NATO, Combined Joint Special Operations task Force (CJSOTF) Operations Officer, Bosnia Herzegovina, Jan - Jun 2000; MFO, Liaison Officer, Egypt and Israel, Jun 2000 - Jul 2001; Operation “Enduring Freedom” CENTCOM USA Oct 2001 – Aug 2002; Several ISAF SOF tours 2002-2010; Dir SOFFC in Kabul June-July 2009.

Additional Experience - National: Chief Coordinator MA & CAPBUILD NORSOCOM Dec 2015 – to date; Deputy & CoS, NORSOCOM Aug 2014 – Aug 2015; Dir SOF Operations Division, NORSOCOM Jan – Aug 2014; Chief SOF Plans & Policy Division, Defence Staff Dec 2011 – Dec 2013; SSO Special Operations at Defence Staff Norway Aug – Dec 2011; Chief Instructor Special Operations at General Command & Staff College in Oslo Norway 2006 - 2007; Chief Special Operations at National Joint HQ Stavanger Norway 2001-2006; Operations and Evaluation officer – District Command South Norway, 1998-2000; Second-in-Command of Norwegian Special Operations Command, 1994-98; Military Academy Instructor, 1993-94; Commander of national Counter Terrorist Unit, Special Operations, 1991-93; Platoon commander special operations unit, 1990-91; Instructor Norwegian Special Operations Command – 1989-90; Operations Officer, Natl. Border Guards, Norwegian-Russian border, 1988-89; Platoon Commander, Natl. Border Guards, Norwegian-Russian Border, 1986-88; Norwegian Air Force Flight School Cadet, 1981; Brigade North - Norwegian Army, Infantry Platoon Sergeant, 1980-81

COL Roedahl 's education includes:
• Graduate of Royal Norwegian General Staff College & Defence University – Main course Aug-Dec 2015
• Graduate of Royal Norwegian General Staff College – Advanced Study, 1997-98
• Graduate of Royal Norwegian General Staff College – General Course, 1994
• Graduate of Royal Norwegian Military Academy, 1983-86
• Graduate of Officers’ Training Course – Norwegian Army, 1980